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For a downloadable PDF with general information about Habitat and its programs, click here.

Why Choose Habitat?

Many families who come to Habitat are born into poverty, generational chains that are hard to break. Some of our families are refugees who are escaping persecution in their home countries, and are hoping for a safer world for their children. Some family members are highly educated with advanced academic degrees, but because of language barriers when they come to the U.S., end up working in entry level jobs. All come seeking a way to change their life and the lives of their family through hardwork and ownership of a dream. Shelter is a basic human need for the development and nurturing of the body and soul.

Why choose Habitat? Habitat families are willing to work and earn their zero percent interest mortgage rate. They attend budget and homeownership classes twice a week and they volunteer at the build site and at the ReStore, all while maintaining their current jobs. The Habitat program seeks to empower the families with dignity, lifted up by a community that cares. We invite you to come out to the build site and work alongside our families and get to know their stories, their journeys, and their dreams. 

HABITAT OFFERS four levels of investment opportunities to support those in need of affordable housing, ranging from a $60,000 Master Builder full-house sponsorship to a $7,500 Hope Builder day build. The return on investing in the lives of community members can last for generations and is foundational to positive community development. But beyond that, companies that participate in a Habitat build can also reap the immediate benefits of a unique aspect of supporting Habitat. Because Habitat is an experience-based ministry, companies that partner with Habitat have the opportunity to bring employees, clients and vendors out to the build site for teamwork and leadership development while building camaraderie, resourcefulness, and creative problem solving skills across company lines. Representatives from Habitat meet with an organization’s leadership to assist in planning, logistics and related communications. On the build site, volunteers are trained for construction goals and accomplishments, and outcomes are discussed at the end of each build day. Team building enriches morale, improves critical thinking, and bolsters company pride. If all that good were not enough, studies also show that a team-oriented work culture improves a company’s bottom line. 

To view or download a 2015-2016 Nashville Sponsor Opportunity and Benefits form, click here.

To view or download the Division Sponsor Opportunities and Benefits forms for the Divisions, please visit the Division web page.