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Flood Relief Funding

Through a special partnership with The Housing Fund and Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA), Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville was provided grant and loan funding for flood relief renovations.

MDHA made federal funds available to The Housing Fund for revitalization efforts in areas of Metro Nashville that were impacted by the May 2010 floods. In December 2012, Habitat of Greater Nashville entered into a partnership with The Housing Fund resulting in the purchase and renovation of vacant homes located in flood-impacted areas in Nashville. Habitat has historically built new homes but these renovated homes mean more low-income Middle Tennessee families can be served, according to Danny Herron, president and CEO of Habitat of Greater Nashville.

“Our mission is to help more low-income families achieve homeownership, and the opportunity to partner with MDHA through The Housing Fund allows us to expand our successful homeowner model to existing homes, thereby serving more families,” said Herron.

Idi Minani and Clementine Ndayisenga, Antioch: Idi and Clementine were both born in refugee camps because their home country, The Republic of Burundi, has been marred by violent conflict between Hutu and Tutsi ethnic groups. “There were a lot of problems,” Idi recalled of the camps. “People didn’t have enough food, water, or medicine. Some people died just from sadness.” When civil war broke out, Idi and Clementine each marched hundreds of miles under armed escort, hiding from roving armies, and watching friends and loved ones die before they reached refugee camps in Tanzania.  In 2007, Catholic Charities helped some obtain refugee visas to the United States. Idi came alone and was resettled to California, but he moved to Nashville in 2008 where his uncle lived. Clementine came directly to Nashville with her parents and siblings.  They met at a Burundian party in 2009 and married in 2010. “I chose her because she respects everyone,” said Idi.  After so much instability, Idi loves being a family man, supporting Clementine’s extended family and their own daughters – Flora, 3, and Valentine, 1. 

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