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Brittney Spencer Named Artist Advocate for Music Row Build

Brittney Spencer

Penny Gattis, Chair for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville’s Music Row Build, announces Brittney Spencer as Artist Advocate for Habitat’s Music Row Build set for May 13th at Village by the Creek in North Nashville.
“We are grateful Brittney is lending her incredible talent and voice to raise awareness for the affordable housing crisis in Nashville,” says Gattis. “Our music community providing a pathway to homeownership for a Nashville family is invaluable and we thank Brittney for her advocacy.”
As Artist Advocate for the Music Row Build, Brittney and Friends Abbey Cone, Caylee Hammack, and Chris Housman will be performing at The Bluebird Cafe on April 13th at 9 p.m. to benefit the Habitat Music Row Build. People Magazine named the Baltimore native “One to watch,” and she has performed with Jason Isbell, Reba McEntire and Willie Nelson.
“As a person who’s struggled with housing security and homelessness in the past, it means a lot for me to partner with Habitat for Humanity. Affordable housing can feel impossible to obtain in Nashville. Habitat’s homeownership program provides education and the ability to break down barriers on the build site working with the future homeowners and volunteers who come from all walks in life. Being able to have a home that is affordable means everything," says Brittney.
In addition to the Bluebird performance, Brittney will be at the Habitat build site May 13th with Music Row Build volunteers supporting this year’s future Habitat homeowner LaShawnda Bowman, who is the mother of four children.
Nashville is among the top five U.S. cities on the verge of a housing crisis. Over the last decade median household income has risen 15% and home prices have risen 167%. Habitat homes are not free and the sustainable homeownership program provides education, budget coaching and home maintenance classes empowering successful homeownership.
“I grew up in a Habitat home which gave us stability. I want that for my children,” says LaShawnda.
Music industry veteran Renee Bell started the Music Row Build in 2003 and joined forces with Ree Guyer in 2005. Together they helped nine local families purchase affordable homes before it ended in 2012. In 2022, Guyer donated $100,000 to establish the Music Row Build fund with the goal of raising $500,000. To date the group has raised more than $160,000 and helped 11 families purchase affordable homes. Mark Brown reignited the build in 2020 and guided the initiative through 2022 when Gattis took over as chair.
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Latest News: Penny Gattis named Music Row Build Chair

Penny Gattis


"I absolutely hate the word rent. Mortgage sounds so much better." _ LaShawnda


Music Row Build 2022

Music Row Build Receives $100,000 donation

Ree Guyer


December 16, 2022- Music Row veteran Mark Brown has announced the establishment of the Build Fund for Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville's Music Row Build thanks to the $100,000 donation from Ree Guyer, owner/president of Wrensong/Reynsong Entertainment.
"I have been blessed to thrive in the Music Business community for 37 years,” says Guyer. “I'm paying it forward so we will have a Music Row Habitat Build forever. If you feel as passionate as I do about the great work that Habitat does, I challenge my Music Row friends to pay it forward too."
Music industry veteran Renee Bell started the Music Row Build in 2003 and joined forces with Guyer in 2005. Together they helped nine local families purchase affordable homes before it ended in 2012.

“My father was a contractor his entire life. He helped people on many levels, but one way was helping them get into their homes.  He instilled the same passion in me,” says Bell. “Habitat gives people hope. When the Music Row Build was started, we wanted to bring the entire music community together to truly change people’s lives. We all know music can change lives, but giving others the opportunity to purchase affordable well-built homes changes lives on an entirely different level.”

Habitat’s Music Row build reignited in 2020 when Brown decided he wanted to do more to help hardworking Nashvillians have equal opportunities to live in the city in which they work. Brown loved the hands-on approach the Habitat program offered for building better futures and getting to know the homeowners. 

"When I re-started the Music Row Build, I had two main goals.  One was to build one house each year for a deserving family right here in Nashville.  And the other was to try to make the Music Row Build sustainable forever. I set a goal of raising $500,000 as a nest egg in the Music Row Build Fund.  When Ree made her generous donation, suddenly my goal seemed attainable.  Along with Ree, several others have stepped forward and joined our effort. I’m glad to report that we are 25 percent of the way to our goal."


LaShawnda Family Profile

LaShawnda is the mother of four children ranging in ages from 16 to 6 years old. She currently works as a dental assistant and has been with her employer since 2020.  She is a graduate of Whites Creek High School and attended Tennessee College of Applied Technology Dental Assistant School. She graduated at the top of her class, with honors, in 2019.

Housing Need: Independence, investment and peace of mind, says LaShawnda about her need and desire for affordable housing. In her current rental apartment, there is black mold in the shower, the appliances are old and non-functional, and they all share one bathroom. She feels unsafe in her current neighborhood. “My kids don’t have the luxury of playing outside for fear of safety. There is prostitution, gambling, name it.”

“I grew up in a Habitat home. Previously, we moved every year. My mom’s Habitat home gave us stability. That made me want it for my children.”

Becoming a Habitat Homeowner: “My kids are the reason I am pushing for homeownership. I owe this to them, and my determination won’t allow me to give up.”

Inspiration:For me, this is a big accomplishment being that this is my third time applying for a Habitat Home. The first time I didn't have enough income; the second my credit needed work. It took me a few years to overcome some obstacles, but I'm thankful for everything I went through to get this far. Owning a home is not only a big accomplishment, but also peace of mind and I thank GOD for Habitat for Humanity and my sponsors.”

“It was my third time applying. It took a lot for me to try again. When I got the congratulation email saying I had been approved, I was sooooo happy.”


 2021 Music Row Family

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Alycia received the keys to her new townhome at Sherwood Commons in May to finish out the 2021 Music Row Build.


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Brothers Osborne

2021 Music Row Build Ambassadors! TJ and John Osborne of Brothers Osborne, Grammy winners for the Best Country Duo | Group Performance in 2021.

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