Fall Build is Underway


Many thanks to our fall sponsors who started working on the 13 homes slated for Park Preserve this fall. Westminster Presbyterian Church has built with Habitat of Greater Nashville for 25 years! They are sponsoring Nashville native Tawanda.











Tawanda understands life can be challenging. But she never let her autism keep her from working, living a full life, or taking care of her 15-year-old daughter, who attends a local high school. Tawanda works as a server for an assisted living center and says she loves taking care of the elderly. She has maintained steady employment and says she is “more than ready” for the responsibility of owning a home.

Tawanda currently rents a two-bedroom apartment with rent that continues to go up. There are thefts in the parking lot and overhead noise that keeps her up at night. She desires her own home to increase her independence and stability, and to give both her and her daughter a safer place to live.

Tawanda has spent the past three years paying off debts and saving money to become a homeowner. She spent a year in Habitat’s homeownership program classes and will work alongside her sponsors Westminster Presbyterian Church. Her dream to own a home includes sitting on the front porch and having a family room for her extended family to gather.

“Thank you for believing in me and helping me understand what it means to be a homeowner,” she said.



Click here to see a five minute video on the mission of Habitat in your community.

Click here to see photos from 2018 sponsors and volunteers in Davidson County.

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Jonathan and Drew Scott from the highly popular HGTV series "The Property Brothers" were in town during the month of April to help two local families, Ashlee and Amanda, build their Habitat homes. The Brothers were here to kick off Home is the Key, Habitat for Humanity International's annual nationwide campaign to raise awareness for the need for affordable homeownership. Drew and Jonathan Scott were named Habitat for Humanity Humanitarians and worked tirelessly with Ashlee, Amanda and all the sponsors during the build and helped dedicate their homes April 26.


In 1985, Nashville leaders decided to be a part of the extraordinary ministry of the Habitat for Humanity movement. With only a handful of volunteers, it often took up to a year to complete one house, but the positive effects were clear and the volunteer passion was unwavering. To date, Nashville Habitat has built or recycled more than 1,152 homes, 832 locally, serving more than 2,950 family members including 1,862 children, and celebrated its 500th build in 2012.

There are many ways you can support affordable homeownership in our community:

  1. Sponsor a home! A whole house sponsorship is $63,000 and 100% of sponsor dollars go toward building costs of that home. Sponsorships range from single day to whole house sponsor. For more information contact: Lauren Lane Payne, senior vice president of philanthropy, at llanepayne@habitatnashville.org, or Mike Allen, director of faith relations, at mallen@habitatnashville.org
  2. Volunteer on the build site, in the classroom or at the ReStore. See Volunteer for opportunities.
  3. Shop or donate to the ReStore. Visit ReStore for all the details!