Sherwood Commons

Habitat Announces First Townhome Community in 2021

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville has begun development of its newest community, Sherwood Commons, located at the intersection of Ewing Drive and Gwynnwood Drive in North Nashville.  The 26 unit townhome neighborhood will be Habitat of Greater Nashville’s first townhome community with both two and three bedroom units available. Home construction will begin in spring of 2021 and the project is slated to be completed by the spring of 2022. 

“Sherwood Commons is an excellent opportunity for Habitat of Greater Nashville to offer its same construction excellence in a different affordable homeownership product that might  be of interest to hardworking men and women in our community who don’t want the maintenance of a yard and who like the proximity to downtown and a major Interstate,” says Danny Herron, president and CEO of Habitat of Greater Nashville.

For those interested in purchasing a Sherwood Commons townhome, click here. To learn more about the Habitat homeownership program, please go to www.habitatnashville/apply, or call 615-254-4663.

“Sherwood Commons is a welcome addition to the diverse housing options in District 2.  With Nashville’s robust and expensive housing market, homeownership has become unattainable for so many.  Sherwood Commons makes homeownership a reality for deserving residents who have put their money, time, and sweat into achieving part of the American Dream.” _ Council Member Kyonzté Toombs


Sherwood Commons
Development of Sherwood Commons at the intersection of Ewing Drive and Gwynnwood Drive.


Meet Sherwood Commons Architect Darrell L. Hayes

Darrell Hayes


We caught up with Darrell L. Hayes, AIA, principal, ViViD1 Architecture, LLC, chief architect for Sherwood Commons, to understand more about his world and his design concept for Habitat's first townhome community.

• Born and raised in Nashville and grew up in East Nashville
• Graduated from Maplewood High School in 1992
• Graduated from Tennessee State University in 1999 with B.S. in Architectural
• Interned with the Larkin Group during college
• First job after graduating from college was with Community Tectonics Architects
• Worked for Southeast Venture for eight years
• Started his own architectural practice in 2014
• Registered architect in Tennessee and in New York

"I grew up in single parent, low-income, affordable housing and I am grateful that housing was available. We did not see housing assistance as an unappreciated hand out. My family used it to better ourselves and now we are able to give back and help those in need. All of my siblings graduated from high school and went on to higher education. I became a licensed architect and one sister became a physician and the other a registered nurse. I think that affordable housing can help those who appreciate it." _ Darrell

When did you first get an inkling that you might be interested in architecture as a career? In high school art class. I used to love to draw houses and also downtown skylines. During my senior year, I got the motivation from my art teacher Ms. Harris and also my math teacher Dr. Harris to pursue it as a career.

Who were your earliest design influences? Frank Ghery because of his notable work. Ghery's contemporary style was very bold which challenged building forms and structures in so many ways. Frank Lloyd Wright because of his organic style modern architecture, which blended with nature. His architecture style is often times considered simple but stunning and breathtaking at the same time.

Do you have a favorite architectural style? Contemporary. Architecture can be expressed with clean simple lines, shapes, and forms that can be understood by all generations but still be aesthetically pleasing.

What would you say is unique or a hallmark about your particular design style? I have many design styles, but most of my work is probably considered transitional and appropriate (balanced). I try to match my designs with the client’s needs and vision.

Do you have any other notable design projects that we should know about?
I have worked on multiple multi-family and mixed-use projects around town. Past projects include: Vista Germantown, 1700 Midtown, 12 South Flats, and Lofts on 8th. Currently, I am working in Bordeaux on a mixed-use project, which has an office building and a mixed-use residential building with a connecting sky walk bridge and rooftop restaurant space, Sherwood Commons, a local church renovation, and a few upcoming restaurants.

Sherwood Commons
Project Scope: (26) two and three bedroom contemporary townhome units; approximately 1,200 square feet

Location: North Nashville, off I-24 at the intersection of Ewing Drive and Gwynnwood Drive

Why did you choose to work with Habitat for Humanity on this project?
I really appreciate the work that Habitat for Humanity is doing. Affordable housing is needed throughout the country, particularly in the greater Nashville area. Rent and the housing market are sky high. Habitat allows people in the community the opportunity to be homeowners. Habitat has a longtime reputation building affordable communities for those that would not have had the opportunity otherwise. They make sure that homeowners are responsible to meet personal goals and have accountability through the application process, classes, and the participation required in building their homes. Habitat's mission has been and continues to be uplifting communities. That mission is very powerful and ignites a fire in me to join in to be a part of this meaningful and worthwhile work.

What was your main consideration or design objective(s) when designing Sherwood Commons?
Energy Efficiency ! Habitat of Greater Nashville is a 100% ENERGY STAR certified builder so I wanted to make it eco friendly using safe building products, incorporating a modern design, while keeping it affordable.

Tell me a little about the design or feature(s) of the townhomes that stays within Habitat’s focus to build sustainably and affordably?
I used a single slope roof, thin cover aluminum canopies, fiber cement siding with accent siding material. I want to make sure that the homes are nice but still appropriate for volunteers to help build.

Do you see townhomes as a viable homeownership choice in Nashville and why?
Yes. Nashville is a growing city. People are looking for efficient space, low maintenance, and less yard work. These townhomes will be a perfect fit with our city.

Timeline on Sherwood Commons:
July 1, 2014 -Passed First Reading at Public Hearing for Zoning and Advanced to the Planning Commission

August 5, 2014 - Passed Second Reading at Planning Commission

August 19, 2014 - Passed Third Reading at Planning Commission

August 20, 2014 – Zoning Approved by Metro Council

2018 - Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville purchases the property

2019 – Funding is raised to help with development of the townhome community through the Jimmy & Rosalynn Carter Work Project

2020 – Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville begins development and starts accepting applications for homeownership

Spring 2021 – Habitat of Greater Nashville community partners will begin construction

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville is an award winning, 100 percent certified ENERGY STAR homebuilder. Habitat was recently awarded its 13th consecutive Award for Sustained Excellence in Affordable Housing from the Environmental Protection Agency.

Habitat for Humanity of Greater Nashville’s homeownership program for qualified applicants includes 100 hours of classroom instruction on budgeting, home maintenance and how to be a good neighbor, as well as 100 hours on the build site constructing Habitat homes and volunteering at Habitat’s ReStore.