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Yvette Doran

Kristy Hairston (Compass RE | Women Build)

Janet Miller (Women Build)

NAWIC (Women Build)


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Dedication Ceremonies

Rosalyn McKinley

Tanjenique Hayes

Tim Marshall / Charlie Vaughn

Italia Nance

Adel Maximous

Mihrab Khalil

Randy and Jamie Waters

Rosie Thompson

Monae - Women Build

Ron Harris

Hassad Abdullahi and Naimo Mohamed

Adela Uwimana

Stephanie Fox

Habib and Laya

Bwije and Media

Hash and Uwimana


2020 Crazy Year

Benefits of Energy Star

Videos with homeowners


Moses and Jemi

Waters Family

Franco Abiangama (with a statement from Gladys Wolfe)

Wilson County homeowner interview

Homeowners building


General videos

House tour


News Clips

2021 News Clips

Raleigh Keegan volunteers at the build site

Raleigh Keegan on build site


Carter Work Project

WSMV interview with Rittle family - 12-14-2020

WSMV Oct. 6, 6 p.m. Brittaney

WSMV Oct. 6 Noon - CWP | Sherwood Commons

WSMV sunrise Oct. 6 | Live

Wilson Fall Build
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